Software Audit & Upgrade

Binary Tree Software Audit

An audit is a great way to create peace of mind and be proactive in ensuring that your coexistence or migration environment is implemented, configured and running at an optimized level. Identify risks in your environment before they happen and work with Binary Tree to provide advice from the experts that have been doing this for years.


Benefits and Value Proposition:

  • Provide an implementation audit to ensure that the environment and requirements are correct
  • Provide a configuration audit to ensure that the software is configured properly
  • Provide a performance audit to ensure the software is running in an optimized manner
  • Review audit results in a detailed report
  • Identifying any risks/problem areas in their environment
  • Provide Recommendations for next steps


Binary Tree Software Upgrade

When upgrading a Binary Tree product, you gain access to new features and cutting edge software. However, upgrades can be time consuming and create a strain on resources. Why not let the experts do it? Binary Tree product experts will upgrade you to the latest versions and provide basic configuration and quality assurance to ensure your upgrade is a success.


Benefits and Value Proposition:

  • Remotely upgrade software to the latest version
  • Restore previous configuration and user information
  • Provide basic configuration
  • Provide basic quality assurance and test the software to ensure the upgrade was a success


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