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Meet the Binary Tree management team.

Combining business acumen with technical savvy, Binary Tree’s executives inspire thousands of customers to have confidence in our abilities. The management team brings decades of diverse experience and a history of success.

Executive Team

  • steven-pivnik-ceo.png

    Steven Pivnik

    Chief Innovation Officer
    Founder and Chairman

  • nick-wilkinson.jpg

    Nick Wilkinson

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

  • Ryan Niemann, Senior Vice President & Chief Revenue Officer

    Ryan Niemann

    President, Microsoft Cloud Solutions

  • c-users-apetruzzella-desktop-bt-web-execbios-steve-derbyshire-exection-team.png

    Steve Derbyshire

    President, Domino Transformation Solutions

  • Vadim Gringolts Profile Photo

    Vadim Gringolts

    Senior Vice President, Domino Transformation Solutions

  • francois-decourtivron.png

    Francois deCourtivron

    CFO & CISO

  • c-users-apetruzzella-desktop-bt-web-execbios-amykelly-petruzzella-executive-team.png

    AmyKelly Petruzzella

    Senior Director Global Marketing